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The Cause-

> This site is dedicated to fantasy lovers and the like. This is my first attempt on the web so any comments or input are welcome. More Dragon Links will be added soon, but most of my recent time was spent constructing these pages.

About Kizard-

> Kizard has been my "handle" since 1993. The name behind the Kizard is Eric. I live in Fremont, Ohio with my wife, Paula. We collect unicorns, wizards, castles and, of course, dragons. Paula collects Cherished Teddies and teddie bears, also. I also collect model cars (Ford Mustangs) and once owned a 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra (see below). We have three cats: Striper, Rusty, and Mikey.

> I am a mechanical engineer and have been involved with computers and programming since 1981. My wife is also a mechanical engineer. I was raised on a farm and showed Quarter Horses for more than thirteen (13) years. My wife and I are avid Sci-Fi / Fantasy readers. We purchased our first home (in May 1997) and are looking to build a new home on our new land within a year or two.  (As of Jan. 2001)  This is keeping us busy lately.


> If you like what you see here, and are interested in having me construct your personal web page, Email me on the first page. All that I need is your information and any pictures or graphics you want shown. I can scan photos as needed and create custom background images, too. Terms are negotiable, but definitely reasonable. All inquiries will be considered and I will be happy to give any technical assistance (for all I know) to anyone trying to create their own pages.

Thank you for your time.

My 1996 Mustang Cobra (Click to see it bigger!)

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